Our Team

Our Team

With our professional team you’re in best hands!

Sarah Kershner


With over two decades of management experience, Sarah felt the call to entrepreneurship and co-founded Matchless IT in 2013 while completing her bachelor’s degree in psychology that same year. Sarah is an empathetic leader who exercises responsible business ethics and nurtures her team’s natural abilities.

Outside of Matchless she enjoys damaging her ear drums and dancing at live music venues all over the eastern seaboard, pointing out every cat she spots in the wild with excitement to anyone who will listen, and reading comics and fiction novels.

Nick Kershner

Chief Executive Officer

Nick gravitated to computers at age 12 when an old one found its way home from his dad’s work.  While being a dedicated technology professional, his free spirit and desire for change turned him to entrepreneurship and co-founding Matchless IT.  Here he leads the charge on exploring bleeding edge technologies and applies them both to our clients.

Outside the office he enjoys racing his car (which can be seen throughout our brand), taking his motorcycle for a putt, messing with one of his many pets or simply vegging out.

Peter Ankerberg

Chief Technology Officer

Peter is committed to making life better with technology. His patience and tenacity to give customers the very best has helped him gain the trust and respect of his colleagues and clients. He is driven to continue seeking knowledge to share. Away from his MIT family Peter enjoys nerding out with his daughters in the many worlds of LEGO on Xbox, growing his wealth of useless Futurama knowledge, or simply getting away for a bit of dedicated time with his wife.


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