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IT Security and Compliance in a Convenient Package

Introducing Compliance as a Service

Compliance as a Service

What is Compliance as a Service?

To understand what Compliance as a Service is, we must first understand why we need Compliance.

Many businesses have industry-required Security & Compliance standards. Healthcare is a fantastic example as providers are required to abide by a standard called HIPAA.

2019 Data Breach Facts

We all need our Healthcare providers to follow the HIPAA guidelines.

HIPAA is there to protect our medical information from hackers and other bad people. However, Medical Records aren’t the only thing that need protecting anymore. All data has become valuable to hackers.

Today, protecting your customer’s information is critical both for their safety and your reputation.

To answer the question – Compliance is following a predetermined set of rules to ensure you have great security and healthy systems.

Don’t forget, almost EVERY business is required to follow GDPR and CCPA guidelines. They’re easy, just reach out!

Cyber Security [Compliance] Regulations will continue spread across the United States. The federal government is already working on the national standard right now!

If you aren’t currently bound to a compliance standard, you soon will be.

The longer you wait to get compliant, the more expensive it becomes. Security exploits are discovered every day. Not just for your Windows or MAC machine but for every piece of software on your computer, cell phone or tablet! The more these pile up, the more it costs to bring everything up to date.

How do you know if you are compliant or not?

If you do not have a full set of IT Security Policies and Procedures, then you are NOT compliant with ANY standard!


Think you’re not a target? Small Business accounts for 70% of all reported hacks and breaches!

You are exactly what hackers are looking for. They know Small Business doesn’t have the resources for proper security like “The Big Kid” businesses out there.

Until now…

Before today, Security and Compliance costs were astronomical

Reaching and Maintaining Compliance costs businesses $50,000 – $300,000+ PER YEAR!

With Matchless IT’s Compliance as a Service, you can reach compliance and stay compliant for a fraction of that cost.

How can we do it for SO MUCH LESS? Our software uses the latest in automation and intellige