Compliance as a Service

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What is Compliance as a Service?

To understand what Compliance as a Service is, we must first understand why we need Compliance.

All businesses have some level of Compliance they need to meet. Whether that is for their Cyber Insurance, for their industry, or to just be legally responsible for storing data of other people.

In other words, if you keep any information on anyone, and they can be personally identified by that information, you have a responsibility to protect that data.

We all need businesses to protect our data!

Storing personal information, credit card or payment information, or just protecting your own assets and Intellectual Property, you need to protect that data! 

Fortunately for all businesses, organizations like The International Organization of Standards (ISO) have given us a road map on what to do to be secure.

To answer the question – Compliance is following a predetermined set of rules to ensure you have great security and healthy systems.

However, getting compliant, staying up to date when the standards change, and making sure all system changes fall within compliance is MORE than a full time job:

That’s where Matchless IT’s Compliance as a Service (CaaS) comes in!

Cyber Security & Compliance Regulations will continue spread into all industries worldwide. The US federal government is already working on the national standard right now!

If you aren’t currently bound to a compliance standard, you soon will be.

The longer you wait to get compliant, the more expensive it becomes. Security exploits are discovered every day. Not just for your Windows or MAC machine but for every piece of software on your computer, cell phone or tablet, and even your networking equipment! The more these pile up, the more it costs to bring everything up to date.


If you do not have a full set of IT Security Policies and Procedures, then you are NOT compliant with ANY standard!

Think you’re not a target? Small Business accounts for 70% of all reported hacks and breaches!

You are exactly what hackers are looking for, and being compliant with a security standard will halt them in their tracks.

They know Small Business doesn’t have the resources for proper security like “The Big Player” businesses out there.

Until now…

Before today, Security and Compliance costs were astronomical

Reaching and Maintaining Compliance costs businesses $50,000 – $300,000+ PER YEAR!

With Matchless IT’s Compliance as a Service, you can reach compliance and stay compliant for a fraction of that cost.

How can we do it for SO MUCH LESS? Our software uses the latest in automation and intelligence technologies. Unlike the other CaaS providers out there, we aren’t following a series of Excel documents. We created a software based off those documents, processes and workflows. 

So when you need a policy or procedure for your business, we can generate them, including network information and associated logs.



Initial Audit and Assessment

Firewall Security Rule Audit

Full Risk Analysis Reports

Compliance Management Plan & Report

MONTHLY Change Summary Report

Evidence of Compliance Reports

Security Experts Maintaining YOUR Compliance


We Start With an Audit

First we scan your network with our proprietary software. Our software checks your network against the rules for your specific Compliance Standard.

We will also perform a physical check of your facility because compliance is more than just your network and computers. It’s people and office configuration too.

We Start With an Audit

We Analyze the Data

Once we perform the audit, we will generate a few documents: Security Rule Auditor Checklist, Risk Analysis Report and Compliance Management Plan. These initial documents will tell you what changes need to be made to reach the compliance standards you’re required to meet.

We Analyze the Data

We Get to Work

Based on our analysis, we will start fixing the areas identified in the reports. This process is a combined effort between Matchless IT, you and your team. Compliance is more than making sure you have a Firewall; it involves Operational Policies and may even require physical changes to your office.

We will work hand in hand to secure your business, one step at a time.

We Get to Work

You Get Compliant

Once we’ve completed the Assessment, Analysis and Repairs we have one more document to generate before you’re completely compliant.

Your very own, personalized, business-specific, compliance-specific Policies and Procedures!

You will get some additional reports as well; Evidence of Compliance, Updated Risk Analysis and Updated Management Plan.

You Get Compliant

You Stay Compliant

We don’t stop at just getting compliant, we make sure you stay compliant. We continue to scan your systems for vulnerabilities and changes that may cause you to fall out of compliance. Besides, Change Management is required with many of the standards and this satisfies that need.

Every month we will update you with a Change Summary Report. This report will compare the changes to your existing compliance and give you a score to let you know if the changes helped compliance or caused an issue.

You Stay Compliant


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